Real Choice Real Estate has one motive in mind when it comes to expanding. It is about retaining brilliant minds whose goal is to never stop growing. We consider our people a fundamental part of this company’s growth and success. Apart from that, we want our people to grow as independent individuals. Hence, we help in their profession and personal growth.


At Real Choice, we offer a healthy workplace. From attractive sales opportunities to monetary benefits, we have everything you would need. It is our goal to transform our agents into successfully knowledgeable professionals.

Strong online presence

Our digital marketing initiatives have put us at the forefront of the market. By creating a robust online presence, we have enhanced our brand value online. We encourage our people to leverage social channels by boost themselves as a leader. Our digital infrastructure provides the right support needed by our winning teams. We help them establish a sense of reliability and trust in our brand.

Attractive monetary benefits

At Real Choice, we believe that the most valuable assets we have are our people. That is why we have no hesitation in investing in the right minds. We offer one of the most generous commission structures you would ever find as a real estate agent in Dubai.

Large property inventory

We have a large number of active listings featured on some of the top property portals. Our large inventory of properties for sales and rental also includes exclusive listings. These listings are not available elsewhere in the market.

Learning and development

Acquiring knowledge is an endless process. At Real Choice, we recognize the importance of developing together. We believe in nurturing a healthy atmosphere to learn new skills and experience. Hence, we help our goal-driven people educate themselves.

Ethical workplace

Building a flawless reputation is challenging. In our pursuit of emerging as an industry leader, we uphold the importance of ethics. In this fast-paced environment, we have remained a dynamic real estate agency. As a result, we always encourage our people to cultivate a motivating ecosystem. We set our standards high when it comes to workplace ethics and integrity.

What we NEED

As a real estate professional, you will be negotiating with clients regularly. It is paramount that you are a team player who works on deadlines and meets targets. Moreover, we are in love with people who are hardworking and ambitious. We love those who uphold workplace ethics.

Are you a self-starter who is motivated by real challenges? Do you have a strong passion for real estate? Do you have people skills and excellent client service skills? If you answered yes to all these questions, we want you.If you are interested, please send your CV and cover letter to

Meet Our Team

Our specialist team of real estate agents is our true asset. Each of them contributes to our thought leadership goals. Their unique skill sets and community expertise are bonuses to our efficiency. Licensed by Dubai's Real Estate Regulatory Agency, our agents are credible resources. They are always on the go-to for anything and everything related to buying and renting in Dubai. Their expertise spans across property matching and evaluating to carrying out negotiations.

Managing Director
With over a decade of real estate experience, Hind is the managing director of...
Client Manager
With over 25 years in residential sales and marketing, numerous awards, and an unbelievable...
Client Manager
Saber believes in equipping his clients to make the best investment decisions. With over...
Client Manager
Mohamed comes with extensive experience of over 8 years in the real estate industry....

Awards & Recognition

Here are Real Estate Awards and Recognitions we have received over the years.

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